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We are a campaign working in conjunction with the NHS to raise awareness of Neonatal Herpes Simplex – a rare but fatal illness. The campaign started in 2012, following the loss of our founder’s son. 


When her son was diagnosed unexpectedly with Neonatal Herpes, she was stunned. She had never heard of a baby with herpes and had never suffered with it herself. Shocked by the lack of credible information and resources out in the public and medical domain her mission was clear… and what’s in a kiss was born!

Our campaign is focused on sharing information, supporting parents and medical professionals with resources to keep neonatal HSV at the forefront of everyone’s mind and be informed of the risks cold sores and herpes infection pose to new-borns. 


We cannot wait to share this important message with you… however we need to make sure we are 100% ready to meet you!  Therefore, whilst we are under construction please remember us and make sure you come back to see us real soon! We’ll be waiting…


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